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All words and music by Marybeth D’Amico

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Tiny Star

Tiny star

As you make your way into this dark-rimmed world

You seem to go unnoticed, your colors fly unfurled

But keep the light inside you to guide you

so that you know where you are

Tiny star


There are times

when the shadows seem to dim the dreams we keep

You start to doubt the fire within you

that no one dares to seek

But I have known you

you alone can show the world just what you are

Tiny star


May the light that we cast

Shed a glow that will last


Look around

When you gaze up at the sky what do you see?

Tonight the heavens are aglow

with strange lights and energy

To fill our eyes with wonder, keep that hunger

and you’ll travel far

Tiny star

You’ll go far

My tiny star


All words and music by Marybeth D’Amico

© ℗ 2011 Marybeth D’Amico/Waiting to Fly Music


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